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You can call me Nic...

...or Nick, or Nicolas Toporcov like my wife does when she's mad.  I am a designer & developer.  

I've been a Graphic Designer for a newspaper and a freelance Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Developer for a few companies. Currently, I am a Front-End Designer and Developer for GleanView, a Sales and Marketing software based in Jacksonville, FL.

I also own Lunic Visuals with my wife. We provide professional Photography and Videography services for Weddings, Events and Companies in Florida.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1992. 20 years later, I started working for this company that helps students go to college here in the United States.

One college I was always in contact with was the University of North Florida, and once while talking to one of the international students admission officer from UNF, they told me I could come study here on a scholarship. So I did and I graduated in 2016 with a BS in Communication.

Things I Know













Product UI

Adobe XD

After Effects


InVision Studio

Product UX

Animate CC

InVision App


Web Design & Development


React Native

Vanilla JS







InVision Studio


InVision App





3D Design

Making me look bad over here...

Places I Worked

TDS Logo

TDS | Transcor Data Services

October 2019 – Now

UI/UX Designer

TDS is the leading ground transportation technology provider. At TDS I'm in charge of designing the experience and UI for applications ranging from browser-based webstores to native mobile applications, self-service checkout and several different POS's.

GleanView Logo

Lunic Visuals

January 2017 – Now


Lunic is a company I started with my wife to offer Photography and Videography. We’ve been doing mostly engagement photoshoots and wedding photography and videography. I also designed and developed our website in wordpress.

GleanView Logo


August 2017 – October 2019

Front End Designer and Marketing Designer/Developer

GleanView is where I started learning about web development and product design from scratch. I’ve been responsible for the entire website and landing pages design and development, all google display ads design, company blog design and setup in wordpress and more recently product design for the software itself.

GleanView Logo

Jacksonville Business Journal

February 2016 – July 2017

Graphic Designer

The Jacksonville Business Journal was my first full-time employment where I was responsible for design. I was responsible for designing, placing and managing ads being sold for the weekly newspaper as well as the annual Book of Lists. While working at the JBJ I learned a lot about Design in itself, specially how to deal with deadlines and handling super short notices.

Things I Created

Streamutt Apps

React Native React Navigation
Streamutt on iOS During Search
Streamutt on iOS showing Movie

After I finished, my next goal with that idea was to bring all of the infrastructure I had created to an app. After all, that was a major reason I chose to build the web app with react.

Porting the current functionality from the web app to a react native app took about a week, and adding some extra functionality took an extra week. The native app allows users to save all of their favorite movies for easy access and I also added a dark mode.

It's now available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

ReactJS Node.JS
streamutt cover

When I came up with this idea of a website where I would be able to find out where to watch things, it seemed perfect for React. It's a one page app, running after page load, so no PHP, with tons of AJAX calls to external APIs.

The website uses 4 different APIs and matches some data between them to show search results for records (movies or shows), then when the user clicks a record, I request that record's IMDB ID, then with that I request other APIs for links to that record and for netflix availability.

Click Here to check it out. star wars breaking bad avengers

HTML CSS Javascript PHP cover

ArtRepublic, a local art organization of Jacksonville chose me to redesign their entire website. They really wanted a fluid experience between artists' videos with parallax effects. I created the website using Bootstrap, JQuery, Animate.css and Jarallax JS libary for parallax effects.

Since the website has lots of video, I had to plan several forms of optimization to keep loading times low. The bulk of the optimizations is having different videos for mobile and for desktop experiences. The videos for mobile were re-exported in lower resolutions with a little more compression and lower bitrate. I, then, used PHP to identify the browser agent to load the appropriate videos.

Click Here to check it out. theme page setup page admin page

JQuery HTML CSS cover

For a couple years in college I was the president of the International Students Association. Whenever we held an event, we would have a sign-in sheet that every atendee needed to write their name on. After the event I would need to type all of the names into a spreadsheet.

So I created a web app that allows users to setup their own Sign-In form for event guests. The app also has an admin mode that can be password protected. The admin mode shows the number of registrations and a table with every registration recorded. It also allows users to download a CSV of all registrations.

The app stores all information locally, which means it works without any internet connection after the page is loaded.

Click Here to try it. theme page setup page admin page

Interactive Resume


When I was a kid, programming was something that my father did by typing text into a black screen. 20 years later I found out that he was working in some sort of unix terminal. Now that I know a little bit more about using terminal and servers at least, I had this idea of setting up a terminal-like page as an interactive resume. You can use it right here.

Just click on it and you can start playing with it :D

Lunic Visuals Delivery System

Lunic Project Password Screen

I was never too happy with delivering photos to Lunic's clients by just sending them a Google Drive link, so I took on a task to create my own delivery system from scratch.

The first thing I needed to plan for this project was its minimum requirements so that it would make sense to spend time developing it. This new system needed to be as easy to use and update as Google Drive, it needed to look better than Google Drive, and needed to be as secure as Google Drive.

The Process I Built

1. Sends Password entered to handler file by an HTTP POST request

2. Handler file checks if password exists, and if it does, it returns that photoshoot's directory

3. If password page receives a directory from handler file, it then sends such directory to delivery.php which uses it to populate the entire page with the right photos, sections and files.The bulk of the process is done by using a few glob and each functions.

The delivery file traverses the directory received and fills the screen based on it. All I do is just organize the directory the following way and upload it to the server.

  • Directory's Name becomes delivery page H1
    • cover.jpg becomes page's cover background-image
    • is available for user to download all photos at once easily

    • Folder 00-
      • Hi-Res Files for all sections are stored here for preview and individual downloads
    • Folder 01-Section Name and forward are used to create sections across the page
      • Respective section's thumbnail photos are stored here
    • Folder 02-Section Name
      • Respective section's thumbnail photos are stored here

The End-Result

Screenshot of Lunic Delivery System

ArtRepublic Portfolio

Print Design InDesign
ArtRepublic's Portfolio Cover

ArtRepublic has been a somewhat constant client of mine and this was the biggest project I did with them. If you are not familiar with their work, they are a non profit that brings in international artists to paint murals and hold art exhibitions in Jacksonville, FL.

They came to me with this project with the goal of having an overarching portfolio showcasing the murals, events and art exhibits they held in 2016 and 2017. The goal was to have it look close to a magazine but more luxurious.

ArtRepublic's Okuda Pages
ArtRepublic's Miguel Pages
ArtRepublic's Bisco Pages
ArtRepublic's Bisco Pages 2
ArtRepublic's Patronage Pages